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Brunner & Partner is a business law firm
based in the heart of Zurich’s financial and business district

Our professional services are tailored to suit the needs of domestic and international private clients, entrepreneurs, small and mid-size companies as well as selected larger entities. The "boutique" character of our firm, the long-standing experience of the partners and a dynamic firm environment enable us to provide a professional and highly personalized service to our clientele at competitive costs. Many years of studies and work experience abroad - particularly in the US and Spain - as well as many excellent contacts and a professional network around the world have laid the foundation of our efficient service offering.

  • Expert legal advice on key aspects of business law
  • Support of clients in business negotiations
  • Representation of clients in court
  • Protection of their interests in other proceedings
  • We strive to give our clients the comfort they seek when they are confronted with demanding and complex legal issues.

    Christan Brunner, Partner


Extensive expertise

Christian Brunner

About Christian Brunner

2002 - Partner of Brunner & Partner (formerly Brunner & Decurtins), Zurich
2001 - 2002 Aquila Group (Asset Management), Zurich, Founding Partner and General Counsel
1998 - 2001 Clariden Asset Management (New York) Inc., New York, President and CEO
1996 - 1998 Clariden Heusser, Basel (formerly Bank Heusser & Co. Ltd), Deputy CEO and General Counsel
1993 - 1994 Visiting Attorney Programms, New York und San Francisco
1990 - 1996 Bank Leu Ltd, Zurich, Deputy Head of Legal Department, Member of Senior Management
1988 - 1990 Law Clerk at District Court and Associate in Law Firm, Lucerne
1984 - 1988 University of Fribourg, Law School, Masters Degree in Law (bilingual German/French)
1983 Gymnasium Type B, Lucerne
Memberships Zurich and Swiss Bar Association, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, Zurich Chamber of Commerce (ZHK), Board Member of several companies and foundations
Admitted to the Bar since 1990

Philippe Amstutz

About Philippe Amstutz

2014 - Partner of Brunner & Partner, Zurich
2011 - altaïr innovation LLC, Founder and General Manager, Zug
2009 - 2010 IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Global Executive MBA
2007 - 2010 Associate at commercial and banking law firm, Zurich
2002 - 2007 District Court of Zurich, Zurich, Law Clerk
2000 - 2002 Letsmeetthere LLC, Co-founder and General Counsel, Zurich
1997 - 2002 University of Zurich, Law School, Masters Degree in Law
1996 / 1998 Cantrade Private Bank Inc., Zurich, Associate Accounting Department
1996 Gymnasium Type E (Business & Commerce), Baden
Memberships Zurich and Swiss Bar Association, GRUR - German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, AIJA - International Association of Young Lawyers, member of the governing board of several companies
Admitted to the Bar since 2007
  • The firm’s focus is on the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to seek result-driven, value-added and cost-effective solutions. We defend and protect our clients’ interests vigorously and independently in every respect and situation.

    Philippe Amstutz, Partner

Practice Areas

Our passion has no limits

  • We advise domestic and foreign financial services firms, investors and other companies on all legal and regulatory issues relating to financial services and products in Switzerland. Profound knowledge and extensive professional experience in-house and as external legal advisors to asset managers, investment advisers, banking institutions and securities dealers enable us to deliver innovative, high value-added solutions.

  • Providing professional advice on the establishment, organization and administration (corporate housekeeping) of all corporate structures that are relevant in Switzerland is part of our daily business, along with the adequate structuring of the shareholders’ and/or owners’ participations. We navigate our clients through all areas of business contracts as well as selected transactions – both domestic and cross-border – in order to elaborate sustainable, economically viable solutions and, should need arise, by taking the appropriate legal action or defending your legal interests.

  • Entrepreneurs and private clients appreciate our holistic approach to issues of succession planning and inheritance law in general. We are prepared to act as executors of your last will as well as your representatives before Swiss courts or arbitral tribunals in connection with contested wills, inheritance agreements and estate administration.

  • Intellectual property rights (in particular copyright, patent, trademark, domain and design), together with the legal framework pertaining to competition, marketing and media, have become paramount in transforming ideas and inventions into successful business. Therefore, we assist our clients on a regular basis in selected areas in this context and represent them in any disputes that may arise.

  • We are prepared to protect our clients’ legal interests vigorously and independently in selected civil procedures before Swiss state courts and arbitral tribunals. The unique combination of our well-founded expertise and knowledge of the legal, procedural and economic principles to be observed is our key success factor in litigation and arbitration.

  • As long as corresponding mandates are in line with our business principles and professional/ethical standards, we are delighted to act as board members of Swiss corporations and foundations and offer domiciliary services.

Our Priorities

Satisfied and returning clients                                     

Effective representation of interests

Exciting and challenging mandates

Prompt and relevant communication                                     

Our Team

We are supported by an extraordinary team

Lorenza Citterio


My journey at Brunner & Partner started in 2013. I originally come from Ticino and I am studying law at the University of Lucerne. The atmosphere here at Brunner & Partner is exceptionally incentive: It`s a work place filled with passion for law yet calm and concentrated processes. “When you are in the right, you can afford to keep your temper; when you are in the wrong, you cannot afford to lose it.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Yvonne Miranda


Gustav Radbruch said: “Law is the will for justice.” But actually law is so much more than that. My work enables me to see the various aspects of law even outside of my studies. As part of Brunner & Partner I am able to gain valuable experience as an assistant; at the same time I am being challenged and encouraged in my abilities of dealing with the questions and problems of law. Like Klaus Klages once said: “Every thing has two sides. With a lawyer three.”

Naomi Mark


I began working at Brunner & Partner in Sept. 2014, simultaneously with the start of my law degree course at the University of Zurich. The decision to study law was an easy one: while I was still in high school I already had the privilege of working at Brunner & Partner during my free time, where I was instantly fascinated by the world of law. All the better that I am now able to combine my passion for University and work.


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Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

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  • Telephone: +41 44 213 65 95
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